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Plastic bags
Package's Factory

Package's factory "Polymir"

"Polymir" has been working in the Russian market for five years and becomes one of leading manufacturers and first-rate suppliers of polyethylene bags. The company can offer a vast assortment of colour-printed bags & sacks its own production: "t-shirt" bags, plastic carrier bags, patch handle and flexy-loop bags, packaging bags, and different polyethylene films. "Polymir" has a extensive distribution network from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad.

Polymir’s plastic bags always differ from production of other manufacturers. They are created with original design and constant of firm style. It became the reason of its popularity in Russia.

Manufacture of plastic bags always was a significant part of the "Polymir", but last years this product became the basic course of development of the company. "Polymir" began to specialize on manufacture of the plastic bags in this connection there was a partial renaming the enterprise into Package’s Factory.

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